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Short Documentaries

Arm In Arm

This is a film that challenges the status quo by highlighting the work of Designing Justice + Designing Spaces, an Oakland based multidisciplinary architecture firm working to abolish mass incarceration and implement restorative justice.

client: AIA

credits: Producer & Editor

Miguel's Journey

Miguel was just 14-years-old when he arrived in the U.S. His parents had been working in America and the family was separated for months at a time which was painful for all involved. Miguel’s parents worked hard, saving the money needed to bring him and his younger siblings to the US. Given his parents’ status, it was a risk but for them, it was a risk worth taking as they wanted to keep the family together and build a better future in America.

Miguel worked in a variety of jobs which opened his eyes to how hard his parents had worked, and how much they had sacrificed to bring him and his younger siblings to America, to give them this opportunity. Realizing the sacrifices his parents had made on his behalf, Miguel decided to honor them by forging his own path and working towards his dream of becoming a developer.

client: Udacity

credits: director, cinematographer & editor

Falcon Dave

Oakland is home to the Sideshow, a spontaneous, exhilarating gathering of car enthusiasts, dating back to the mid 70's. The legendary Falcon Dave of the Falcon Boys takes us for a ride during one of Oakland's famous First Fridays - to show us how this powerful culture started and where it is heading. 

series. We Were Hyphy, Side Stories

credits. director

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