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Larry Madrigal is a documentary filmmaker based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Larry's main focus is directing documentary films that spotlight underrepresented Bay Area stories. Larry has also served as an editor, cinematographer, and music producer for various other films and mixed-media projects. 

In early 2016 Larry began working on a passion project called We Were Hyphy, which was originally planned to be an un-funded short documentary film. The project eventually grew over the course of 4 years and became a feature-length film. We Were Hyphy had its world premiere at Cinequest Film Festival on April 1st.  Larry also served as the film's editor and contributed to the film's original score.

For fun, Larry enjoys creating & DJing instrumental Hip-Hop and Electronic music, under the name maajikol . He also publishes video art on his Instagram as part of a #BeatOfTheWeek series.

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