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On February 1st, 2006, the Bay Area was alive...

A love song to the artists, dance, music, slang, clothes and, most importantly of all, the people who came of age during the  Hyphy Movement.

This is a story about a generation that created and experienced something very special, the kind of something that only happens once in a lifetime, and how those hyphy roots have influenced them as they’ve grown in their lives and careers.

As filmmakers, we want We Were Hyphy to recreate the excitement of the times while showing the impact they had on millions of people in the Bay Area and beyond. The film is a fun, nostalgic experience for those lucky enough to experience Hyphy the first time around, and a tantalizing introduction to those discovering it now. But whether you went dumb or have no idea what that means,We Were Hyphy is a documentary that will excite, entice and entertain you!

credits. director

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